Do a Grouch a Favor and Make Them a Custom Tee

Today is national Do a Grouch a Favor Day. Essentially, the idea is that you can get someone to get out of a crabby funk by doing something nice for them. Doing something nice for someone else is always a good idea, but warming the heart of someone who could really use it is extra special. As if that wasn’t enough, tomorrow is Random Act of Kindness Day. Take this these days as inspiration to do something nice for someone. It could be an act of love for someone you’re close to, but it could be an even more powerful gesture for someone you don’t know. Anyone can do something nice for a friend, but what about an acquaintance? Or a stranger? Or even an enemy?


In any event, a cheap custom t-shirt from WhoopTee makes for a great Inexpensive gift for a grouch, someone a little down in the dumps, or for anyone who could use a fun, thoughtful gift. The best part is you have the freedom to deliver whatever message you need to. Our shirts are easy to customize in our user-friendly designer tool. Once you've chosen which of our custom apparel options you want, you can choose the text, fonts, colors, and images that best represent your vision. You can adorn your custom tee with clipart or even upload your own image. Just be sure to follow this guide to make sure that your image is usable. If there is an issue with your image or your design, our customer service staff will get in contact with you and resolve the problem. We are committed to customer satisfaction.


Deliver a bit of good cheer to someone who could use it. Simply design your gift and click order and we’ll take care of the rest. If you need more assistance, check out these guides. For any other questions, concerns, or issues call 888-841-5823.

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