Make A Shirt With Your Own Face On It

No, seriously, hear us out on this one. Don’t slam your laptop shut or chuck your phone across the room. Although, if reading that title makes you that angry to start with, you either need a refresher course on taking care of electronics or you need to see someone about that rage problem. Anyway, yes, we’re dead serious. You should put your own face on a t-shirt. 


Do you remember that kid in the early seasons of South Park who was the leader of the 6th graders? He had brown hair and sideburns and was always picking on Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. The most memorable thing about that kid, though, was his t-shirt. He had, you guessed it, his own face on his t-shirt. It’s an utterly bizarre choice, one that is instantly noticeable but is never referenced. Yet somehow…it just works. 


Why don’t you follow in that kid’s footsteps and create a custom t-shirt online with your face on it. That would be guaranteed to turn heads. With WhoopTee's designer tool, you can upload your own images and create a t-shirt with with them. The designer tool is pretty easy to get a handle on, but if you need some help uploading an image check out this guide


If you have a graphics design program, you could take your face and stylize it any way you want before uploading it. You could go all kinds of different ways. That would make for a memorable tee. You can order just on for your self, like the kid from South Park, or you can give your friends and family what they’ve all secretly wanted: your picture on their shirt. Give them the gift of you. 


If you’re worried about how much your order will be, get a free quote. Whatever you decided to do for your t-shirt, you can rest easy knowing it will be affordable and shipped for free in two weeks. Plus, it’s a lot easier than getting your face tattooed on your back Steve O style.

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