Post-Tax-Day T-Shirt Treat

Well friend, tax day is officially behind you.You had a few extra days this year to get your stuff in, but did that really help, or add to your stress? Those three extra days are easily filled up with more procrastinating. Nobody likes doing their taxes, so while it may not be the wisest of options to wait until the last minute, we can’t say we don’t understand you. That being said, breath a sigh of relief. It’s over for this year! Kick back, relax and treat yourself. You deserve it. 


While you’re lounging around, create a custom t-shirt online with our designer tool. It’s a low stress activity sure to knock down your stress level as you let your creativity spring from your head onto your screen, and eventually, onto the front and/or back of your shirt. It’s easy to create a custom tee with our user friendly designer tool, complete with the colors, fonts, and clip art you need to create a masterpiece. If that isn’t enough for you, go ahead and upload your own image. Just make sure it’s in the proper format. For more information on uploading images, check out this guide on the matter


Use your refund money this year and treat yourself to the best custom apparel you can dream up. You can create a t-shirt to celebrate your favorite holiday. You can create a t-shirt to celebrate your favorite fictional holiday. If you’re feeling generous, you can outfit your entire softball team with cheap uniforms. The limits are only that of your imagination and your spending cap. We can help you with both. Our interface and guides will help you bring your concept to life. As for your pocket book, well, our orders ship for free in two weeks. If you’d like to know when your order will arrive, check the upper right hand portion of your screen.

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