WhoopTee 3:16 Says We Just Saved Your Cash

Today is March 16, which means your calendar official reads 3/16. For those of you pro wrestling fans, this has a special place in your heart. After all, it’s impossible not to see 3/16 and not think of Auston 3.16, the classic catchphrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin of the WWF. In the 90’s, when Stone Cold was beating up his boss and giving millions of fans a bit of wish fulfillment, Austin 3:16 wasn’t just an off sited phrase, but and incredibly popular t-shirt. Chances are on any given day back then, you could see an Austin 3:16 t-shirt, or a t-shirt for rival company WCW’s top act, the New World Order. The classic NWO shirt, stylized nWo and surrounded by a scratchy square and lowercase “new world order” under it has the same color scheme as Austin’s: a simple black shirt with white type. 


These are iconic t-shirts that never really went out of style. In fact, we’re seeing a resurgence in them, and not just among wrestling fans. Recently Kylie Jenner wore an nWo Wolfpack t-shirt (the same design as the standard nWo t-shirt, only with red type) to a fashion show. That along with other sitings of the classic design, seem to point towards a resurgence. Why is that.


Even if you remove the wrestling context, these t-shirt designs stand the test of time for the simple fact that they’re, well, simple. They aren’t busy, they aren’t distracting. They have a clear, concise message and the designs are no-nonsense and to the point. Often, on color contrast like black and white, black and red, red and white, blue and orange, etcetera, is much more effective than a design with too much going on. Walk into your local rock t-shirt store and see how annoying the death metal t-shirts are to the eye. On the flip side of that, go check out the simplicity of a Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, or AC/DC (sorry, don’t have a lightning bold button). Simple, to the point, easy to digest. Why is that?


Negative space refers to the areas of the design where you don’t have type. There’s no inc, just the color of your shirt. This space without design is as vital to the overall quality of your design as the space you fill up. It allows your design to breath. Play around in our designer tool and see what we mean. Try a design packed to the gills, and then try one with negative space. You’ll see the night and day difference. One more benefit – the less different colors you use, the more cost-effective your WhoopTee custom t-shirts will be.

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