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You Can’t Sing Without T-Shirts. Well…You Can…But Why?

You don’t need instruments to make music. Your voice is an instrument, and a finely tuned one at that, honed over years of practice and passion. You and your acapella group can perform anywhere, anytime. You don’t need amps, you don’t need to lug around instruments, you don’t even need a PA system depending on your venue.

Have a Contest for Your Scout Shirts this Year. is a quick, affordable, and cost-effective place to order custom t-shirts.

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May the 4th be with you this Cinco de Cuatro

If your calendar is full of holidays that don’t exist, or days of celebration for stories of galaxies far, far away, congratulations: you are a fanatic. Yes, friend, you are a fanatic. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Post-Tax-Day T-Shirt Treat

Well friend, tax day is officially behind you.You had a few extra days this year to get your stuff in, but did that really help, or add to your stress? Those three extra days are easily filled up with more procrastinating.