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T-shirts are for exclusivity

Here at WhoopTee, we notice custom t-shirts. On a recent trip, I spotted a group with matching shirts board a plane at Lambert St. Louis International Airport. As the group neared my seat, I noticed that their shirts identified mission trip participants.

A Dazzling Concept

New Classic: Anvil

Heidi Klum is quick to remind all of us that in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.  That might be true of Mrs. Klum, but not of the Anvil Classic Cotton T-shirt.  You see, Heidi, the reason you feel like fashion is fleeting, like it is always eluding you, like “out” has more gravity than “in”, might have something to do with constantly chasing the most recent fad.  But if you’d stick to classics, Mrs.

Street Style: Plain Black Tee

You can never go wrong with a posh, plain black or white tee and a sassy, strategically built outfit around it. This is just the antidote to the plain tee, jeans and sneakers combo–which while timeless, yes, can be pretty plain vanilla yogurt.

The Best the World.

Great news everybody: we have the best shirt in the world!  We now have American Apparel’s Fine Jersey T-shirt.  Warn your other shirts, this one is going to replace them all. It's a 4.3 oz 100% ring spun combed cotton shirt that is gorgeously soft and a perfect  modern fit. It's my personal favorite, and it will be yours, too.

One Step Closer to a Robot Takeover

You’ve seen the movies: eventually robots turn against us.  I choose to take post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies as a prophetic warning, giving us some indication of where our current path is taking us.

Technology in Fashion

The Next Web’s Insider recently featured an article

The Most Important Article of Clothing You Will Ever Buy

Elusive, difficult-to-grasp, impossible to find...Ladies, you know what I'm talking about: The perfect tank top. Or boyfriend. The latter is kind of whatever, but the former is a must-have.

Catpocalypse Tee

Soft Threads

Looking for a shirt that feels like your favorite that you’ve been wearing for years?  That soft, broken in comfort makes for the perfect casual tshirt, especially in summer heat.  We carry a range of such tshirts that don’t take years to create.