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Whether you’re promoting a website or an event, custom t-shirts get folks talking. With the right design and strategy, a t-shirt design can grow into an effective marketing tool.

Free T's Freebies!

Any time you get something for free, you could feel one of two ways: either you’re a winner or there’s a catch.  The value of free swag has been lost on our society until the fall of the market in 2008.  Until that time, we had free baseball tickets with every Big Mac; bonus miles on our Frequent Flyer cards for simply making a great paper airplane; and even complimentary passes to the movies just for watching the preview on your smart phone.

Design Your Own T-Shirts & Win Free Custom T-Shirts!

 Oh and did we mention that the winner takes home a $200.00 gift certificate to spend at www.whooptee.com?!?

Big Box Flops

Would you buy a pool from a store that sells pools and pool tables? Or arrange a funeral at roadside fruit stand and mortuary called Caskets and Baskets? So when it comes to Fourth of July, why buy clothes at the same place you’re buying the brats? Make two separate shopping lists: one for running errands and the other for easily shopping online. (Pssst, I’ve EVEN heard of people shopping while at work!)

5 Reasons to buy from Whooptee.com:

Winning With WhoopTee

You won! You’re heart just skipped a beat, right? But there’s nothing worse than seeing an email or getting a voicemail from some marketing company that says YOU COULD BE A WINNER or CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR FREE PRIZE. First of all, I don’t need Gmail telling me I’m a winner. I already know that. And secondly, all prizes are free – duh. 

Spring Into Summer Savings!

Free Custom Screen-Printed T-Shirts!

Maybe you didn’t know this: WhoopTee gives away a lot of great shirts!  We regularly partner with bloggers to conduct fun giveaways of custom screen-printed shirts for you to enjoy.  The only thing better than a custom screen-printed shirt is a FREE custom screen-printed shirt, so if you want to keep up with all of our giveaways, like our facebook page and we’ll keep you informed.  If you can’t wait for the next free shirt, get your own custom designed screen-printed shirt for cheap at

New Contest Coming at You!


Alrighty, friends! Your great amigos at WhoopTee have put together another easy way for y’all to win some cash moneys and design your own custom swag. Deets below:

1) Post a photo of you and the silliest t-shirt you can find at facebook.com/whooptee.

2) Get your friends to like Whooptee and your photo.

3) At noon central standard time on 8/24 photo with the most likes wins 50 dollars cash.