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For intramural sports, college sports, high school sports, and beyond, custom t-shirts are an essential part of the sporting experience. Whether you need to design custom t-shirts for your sports team or your child’s sports team, WhoopTee has t-shirt styles and selections guaranteed to boost team morale.

Hell Hath No Fury like a Lazy Teen in P.E.

How do you define a coach? According to Merriam-Webster, a coach is: An athletic instructor; a mentor; a trainer; one who to prompt or urge with instructions.  Nowhere on your job description does it say “to babysit teenagers who fake medical ailments to avoid running a mile.”   You’re athletic superiority puts you far and above your current role as Director of Physical Education of Loafsville High School, in Fat Town, USA.  Dreams of playing professional football filled your fantasies as a child; after tearing your ACL, those quickly changed to joining the NFL training team.

Strike Up the Brand New Band Shirts!

What’s that sound in the distance?  Peak down the parade route only to discover the school marching band has everyone on their feet.  Elderly people in wheelchairs tapping a foot, toddlers clapping their hands as smiles crawl

Are You Ready for Some Tailgate Sweatshirts?

Tailgate Checklist

Do you think it’s possible to have a successful tailgate with 20 items or less?  Let’s check:

1.       A tailgate

2.       Football

3.       TV/Radio

4.       Beer

5.       Lawn chairs

6.       Taco dip

7.       Chips

8.       Beer

9.       Cooler

10.   Blanket

11.   Rally Towel

12.   Grill

13.   Hotdog/Bratwurst

14.   Buns

15.   Sunglasses

16.   Liquor

17.   Cups

18.   Hand sanitizer

19.   Team hat

20.   Hoodie

Race to Revenge: A story of fitness, fate and t-shirts

Are you a weekend warrior? Never met a 5k you didn't like? You rise early, around 6:00a.m., on a Saturday for a 30 mile bike ride. After that, a quick shot of raw egg and wheat germ and off to hike the unbeaten path- away from all the wanna-be's. 
There you are, just hitting your stride with your black Labrador (affectionately named Beast) by your side. Then all of a sudden you hear something. Up ahead on the ridge is a fellow hiker. You've encountered others before, I mean it's not like you're a hermit. But this time is different. 

Group T-Shirts For ROC Race: Photo Submission

Name: Anne Maturan 
Event: 45 Friends and family joined the ROC Race at Charlotte NC. 
Comments: Awesome shirt to represent Philippine Team. We also won the largest number of 
participants! Kudos to your Art Department! And to Jennifer who always accommodates our last request! 

Custom Sweatshirts For Swim Team?

Yes that’s right. Sweatshirts for swim team. When you’re a kid and tell people you’re on the swim team, all the Khoury league kids groan and tell you how lucky you are to “play in the pool” all day. Clearly they have never been in a freezing cold pool in early June just as the sun comes up. Going to be a high of 80 degrees today, huh? Well not yet. 

Custom Football Jersey's For All!

Football is one of America's all time favorite sports. From pee-wee football to professional football, it's popular within all age groups. That is why Team WhoopTee has decided to make football jerseys available for everyone! Like your favorite quarterback, quality football jerseys like this Augusta Sportswear Stadium Replica Jersey can be hard to come by. 

Tanks For The Memories

Soccer has cleats: tough and functional. Baseball has the jersey: personal and classic. Golf has plaid: timeless and bold. And summer has the tank top. Of course, tank tops aren’t always so easily defined; much like snowflakes or boyfriends – no two are ever exactly alike. 

Custom T-Shirts For Mud Runs

Ready, set....get down and dirty in your custom tshirt! Everywhere you look these days people are racing, getting dirty and loving it! Design your own tshirt for your next 5k, half marathan or mud run. Social media has been taken over by dirty, wild looking people with huge smiles on their faces. I get why they are smiling. The entire time growing up we are told not to play in the mud. Now that we are grown we are being encouraged to run in it, play in it and roll in it.  Running, endorphins, mud and a beer at the finish line. I mean, what is there not to love and where can I sign up?!?