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For intramural sports, college sports, high school sports, and beyond, custom t-shirts are an essential part of the sporting experience. Whether you need to design custom t-shirts for your sports team or your child’s sports team, WhoopTee has t-shirt styles and selections guaranteed to boost team morale.

Kickball is honest

I appreciate forthrightness; I like an honest person who just comes out and says what she means.  The thing that turns me off about most sports is that their names are the opposite of forthright. 

Indoor Soccer, with Walls!

I remember when I was just a child, a too-large percentage of my day was spent running after a soccer ball that was kicked past me, through the goal whose net had long since been surreptitiously removed.

Slow Pitch Softball is Bigger Than You Think

You might think it’s a small town, low-class sport for the folks who can’t hit a faster pitch.  But you’d be wrong.

Flag Football: Respect.

Flag football is often neglected as just an intramural sport, not rising to the level of professionalism of sports like regular football, baseball, golf, or soccer.  But I think this betrays a deep misunderstanding of the sport...

Build a Better Bowling Shirt

The traditional bowling shirt has served its purpose well, but I think it’s time it was replaced by a more sport-friendly shirt. 

A Soccer Summer

Although it’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close and camps are winding down, it’s easy to see how much they help improve your skills and get you ready for the high school season. Organizations like St. Louis Soccer Camps let you learn from the best, like director Lindsey Rector Bryant. A former Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at UMSL and NCAA Top 25 player during her days at Iowa State University, Bryant clearly has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with budding players. Take your skills to the next level with St.

Athlete(s) of the Week

Athletes of the week for this week were recently posted to stlhighschoolsports.com.  They include:

Golf month

August is National Golf Month. Be sure to create a shirt that you will be proud to wear while practicing your swing out at the golf course.


custom golf shirt

Swim Shirt

With the United States swim team performing so well in the Olympics, it is even more exciting to be a swimmer. Be sure that your swim team has the best shirts this year so that everyone notices that you are on the swim team.

swim shirt