Hey, buddy, congratulations. Throwing your first (or your second, or third for that matter) perfect game is the crowning achievement in bowling. As great as a 700 or 800 series is, there’s nothing quite like being perfect for ten frames. As you get further along, the pressure mounts. The crowd starts to gather. Every other person in the alley is breathing, or not breathing, with you. Even the slightest miscalculation and you’re back to the drawing board. Even the best bowlers can go their entire lives without a 300. That’s not you. You dealt with the pressure, you worked through the intensity, you found a way to perform when the lights are shining at their brightest. You found perfection. You deserve to celebrate. 


Sure, your ring will be nice. You can even get a trophy if you so desire. What good will that do for turning heads, though. The average person you meet won’t notice your ring unless it’s in their face, and unless you’re a medieval king, that probably won’t be happening on friendly terms. With a trophy, unless you carry it around with you and become one of “those” people, you’ll only get compliments and high fives from people you bring home. 


That will not do. 


You need to celebrate your monumental lifelong accomplishment with a custom t-shirt. You can create your custom t-shirt online with WhoopTee, and like magic, it will be shipped to you in two weeks. Ok, not magic, just really fast screen printing and delivery. Worried about sticker shock? Get a free quote and make sure the price is in your range. 


If someone you know recently bowled a perfect game, you should make them a t-shirt from WhoopTee for Christmas. Even if they didn’t bowl a perfect game, custom t-shirts make a great personalized, one-of-a-kind gift for every member of the family.

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