Fake brands, bands, and attractions are part of what make fictional works so engrossing. Think Krusty Burger, Alamo Beer, Mouse Rat, or WallyWorld. Quinten Tarantino famously peppers Red Apple cigarets and advertisements in his films. These little details make for great world building. If you’re planning a movie, short, feature length, a mini-series, YouTube series, what have you, you need to consider adding these details in to build your world and add spice and distinctiveness to your story. 


If your characters work in a restaurant, create a world of their own. Think Good Burger, or Monk’s Cafe. Maybe you can just pepper in sly fictional brands as sly in-jokes for friends. Plus, this can get you out of hot water. If your characters need an employer, using a real name may get our sued. Not the case with a fictional brand. 


When you have your fictional brand developed, you can create cheap prop t-shirts online with WhoopTee’s designer tool. As a creator, control is imperative. You have the utmost creative control with our designer tool. You can design your t-shirt exactly the way you want it by choosing your shirt, choosing your fonts, choosing your colors, or even uploading your own image if you have a logo designed. The choice, and the project, are yours to do as you please. 


If you need just one t-shirt for a character, use one of our no minimum options. If you’re looking to get your project funded, have extras made up and distribute them to those who help film and/or finance your project. T-shirts are great giveaway times to promote social media accounts. Isa your giveaways to engage followers, make them share posts, or just build buzz for your release. They also function great as perks for a crowdfunding campaign. T-shirts are an affordable way to give back to big-ticket donors. For indie filmmakers on a budget, getting the most bang for your buck out of your investment is imperative.

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