In the season of trick or treating, we’ve got a little riddle for you: What’s black and white and graphic with a catchy?  This New York City burgeoning restaurateur and her boldly designed custom shirt!

Just days away from her grand opening, this chef and boss, took the time to send us a picture of her donning her custom shirt designed to promote her new business.  Zing’s Awesome Rice is a new eatery adding to the NYC atmosphere, but what makes it awesome?  According to her website:

“ We are extremely selective over the rice we use.  We have tested over 20 varieties and chosen the three winners: premium medium-grain sushi, brown rice and purple rice- for their superior, taste, texture, nutritional value and ability to sustain searing.”

Add a unique blend of marinade, olive oil, vegetables and of course, a secret sauce and you have yourself some awesome rice.

You don’t have to be a top chef to know the food business is serious in NYC; the recipe for success is forever changing.  But there are still some staples that make the process palatable.  First, there’s location; located in Soho, the view of the Statue of Liberty will inspire you to try new ethnic foods - a definite plus if you’re in the rice business.  Secondly, variety.  A menu that’s too big won’t highlight your best dishes - no one can do every dish well; a menu too small will alienate new foodies seeking a range of flavors.  And finally there’s marketing.

Spending advertising on flyers and billboards isn’t the way to get noticed these days.  The revolution is digital; the perfect combination of web, social media and of course, designing custom shirts online is a sure way to get noticed.  As seen here, a simple eye-catching graphic and restaurant name on the front and add a location and website on the back.

Not to mention, that Zing’s Awesome Rice now has the chance to win a $200 credit from towards their next order of group shirts, just for entering with this photo. A bowl full of your business, plus a dash of is a recipe for success.


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