Next Monday, the 21st, is a total solar eclipse. A total eclipse is a rare, beautiful, and awe-inspiring natural occurrence. Imagine what ancient people thousands of years ago must have felt seeing one transpire without understanding what was happening. The moment that the sky goes dark and the moon covers the sun is what sky watchers live for. Are you ready for Monday? Do you have your viewing location picked out, and your eclipse glasses handy? What about your commemorative t-shirt?


Well, if you didn’t take our advice a while back and order your t-shirt while you still had time to have it shipped to you, you’re out of luck. That is, unless you plan on going to Chile or Argentina in 2020. Still, you can make a custom t-shirt online in honor of the eclipse and order it anyway. The sun isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still want to capture the feeling of awe and wonder you feel. The eclipse itself will only last for a few minutes, but a shirt is much more permanent. 


With our easy-to-use designer tool, you can make a cheap t-shirt online and order it for a price you can afford. We don’t rope you into making a large order just to get one shirt, or charge outrageously if we sell you just one. Check out our no minimum shirt selections and see for yourself. You can get a free quote that will tell you how much your selection and options will cost. 


From there, simply choose your fonts, choose your colors, choose your graphics, and arrange them to form the perfect design that matches your vision. From there, simply order your shirt and you will have the perfect eclipse t-shirt, from your own imagination, shipped for free in two weeks.

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