Superheros are all the rage. Wait, no, they’ve BEEN the rage since the 30’s. Superhero movies may have waited until the last decade to pack people into the theaters, but there are few, if any characters, that have nestled into the national consciousness the way superheroes have. Are you a Marvel person or a DC person? Both? One thing most people can agree on: it would be sweet to have superpowers. 


We can’t give you those, but we can give you the next best thing. With WhoopTee, you can create a custom t-shirt online and make your own crimefighting costume. Think back to the iconic images of your youth. There’s the Superman S, the Flash lightning bolt, Captain America’s star and Batmans…well…bat. Now it’s your turn. When you create your custom t-shirt with WhoopTee, you have the option of uploading your own image. If you’ve created a great logo on your favorite graphics program, or if you’ve doodled a logo on your tablet, you can upload it and integrate that into your shirt. 


Custom t-shirts are a cost-effective, quick fix for comic book conventions, cosplay, or costume parties. You have the option of creating a new character from scratch and having something that no one else in that space will have. That’s special. The fact that you can get one of our affordable no minimum options at an extremely palatable price is a true victory. Don’t show up at your next comic book event, or even you local comic book store, as the same character as dozens of others. Go as your own creation. After all, you never know when evil will strike. Create your custom superhero shirt, and the next time you see a phone booth, you can duck in, unbutton your over shirt, and save the day.

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