Black Friday, the notorious day where customers fight each other over discounted Furby’s, LED flat screen TV’s and Kate Spade bags, has now come and thankfully gone. We can’t help discuss the widespread efforts of companies across the country to prepare employees for the day of insanity. And apparently nobody really gets the irony, given how Black Friday follows Thanksgiving.
However, to gear up for the notoriously crazed and sometimes dangerous shopping day, companies are developing a new strategy to keep customers in line and to prepare frantic employees. Every commercial establishment cashing in on Black Friday should have a paid representative outside of their door wearing a message per Drew Carey on a custom t shirt
An article from STL Today chronicles the efforts of a Best Buy store in St. Peters to prepare employees, led by store manager Greg Coleman. ‘“You’ve got to be loud and in charge,’ he told the store’s 150 employees, urging them to be more assertive in telling customers which line to go to. ‘They are like wandering sheep. They need direction.’ 
Stores are also, thankfully implementing new efforts aimed at crowd control and safety of both employees and shoppers following serious injuries and even deaths as a result of the Black Friday madness. Thank goodness for online shopping- Amazon one-click really does do more than drain our bank accounts. SO, be safe this Black Friday, fend off crazy people with a creative custom t shirt design of your own, and here’s hoping for a beautiful, happy holiday season!
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