The holiday season may be making your body cold, but there’s plenty of joy in the crisp air to keep your heart warm. One of the best examples is Christmas caroling, a time-honored tradition that serves to brighten the night of the group doing the singing as well as the night of the people you are singing for. So bring us some figgy pudding. 


Just out of curiosity, have you ever even had figgy pudding? Is that even a real thing? Apparently the people in We Wish You A Merry Christmas are pretty into it. We suppose figgy pudding must be important to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be so insistent about getting some. Of all the demands to make…figgy pudding? We’d like to think this was the first recorded instance of caroling. Imagine this, you’re sitting in your home about to enjoy a nice Christmas meal. Then, out of the blue, a group of people show up in your front yard singing at you. Politely, you listen, you even enjoy the beautiful, uplifting songs. 


“They’re wishing me a merry Christmas,” you think. “How Lovely!” 


The next thing you know, they hit a verse that repeats over, and over again “bring us some figgy pudding.” Not long after, you hear “we won’t go until we get some.” You think “wow, this bunch is really shaking me down for that pudding.” The next morning you go outside to find they’re still there…waiting for that figgy pudding.


Ok…we got a little side tracked there, but all in good fun. That’s what caroling is about, after all: good fun for you, and good fun for your neighbors. Baby, it’s cold outside. If you’re going to walk around singing to people in the cold, you’re going to need something warm. You should create a custom hoodie for your family that can keep you warm while you carol. It can also double as a family uniform of sorts for your celebrations. After all, the holidays are about family. Bundle yours up in hoodies from WhoopTee.

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