Businesswear ain’t what it used to be.  A few decades ago a man was expected to wear a shirt and tie to work each day; the presence or lack of a suit coat separated white collar from blue collar.  And the ladies in the secretary pool wore dresses and  high heels, in full make-up and hair.  Imagine a scene from Mad Men, but except being on television, these images were just beyond your front porch.  Everyone from nurses to nuns wore custom clothing to indicate their station in life.


Arguably, the modern workforce has changed immensely.  Business casual is the accepted form of dress; telecommuting offers others the chance to work in their pajamas.  Facial “stubble” is commonly accepted and please don’t say a word about Chloe’s outrageous hairstyle (as it’s within her constitutional right to wear a mohawk at the front desk.)


Blending businesswear and business casual isn’t for the faint of heart.  A mere coating of starch to a pair of cargo pants and some think they’re read for The Met Gala in New York.  Rather than fighting with your business image - embrace it.  Think function over fashion, then think formality over funk. has an array of custom shirts, tank tops, polos and dress shirts perfect for employees both in and out of the office. And the best part is you can add your own distinct design to your business shirts with just a click of a mouse.  With the Designer Tool, you can upload images, change text, add names or even design a different custom shirt for each employee!  There’s no reason to shop anywhere else!


Treat your business wear like you treat your business - start conservatively then go big.  Before you know it, everyone will want to wear your brand. . . . Where Our Shirts Meet Your Designs!



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