In 2018, the ever-changing technological landscape is wreaking havoc on the established order of the job market. While jobs that had previously existed are rapidly becoming less common, if not obsolete, we don’t live in a dystopian 70’s science fiction movie. For all the doors that are closing, new ones are opening up. New career paths that you or your child may not have considered are rapidly becoming a reality.


One to keep an eye on is animator. 


Animator has been a great career from long time, dating back to the original days of hand-drawn   cells. Gone are the days where animators only worked in Hollywood doing cartoons. Animators come in many shapes and sizes today. There are 3D GCI animators, 2D animators, and more traditional animators. There are video game designers and animators. 


Animators have an abundance of opportunities to work today, also, with social media creating a gold rush of sorts as companies clamor for visually striking video content for numerous platforms. If nothing else, YouTube and Facebook videos are cranked out like crazy that need motion graphics and other fine touches. 


Today is International Animation Day, and it’s a good opportunity to think about introducing your kids to the profession to give them another option for a career. Sometimes getting to college or trade schools is overwhelming, as many students have no idea where to even look for classes to take, much less a full-on major or career. 


Schools need to allow kids as many glimpses at possible careers as humanly possible. If you are an educator and have a love of animation, start an animation club at your school. Common programs like the Adobe Creative Suite are all kids would need to get at least the basics of animation. 


When you create your club, make custom shirts for your students. Graphic arts is another great industry that is a spiritual cousin at the very least to animation, so have the kids get a taste of that works by designing their custom shirts with WhoopTee’s designer tool.

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