For those of you with an immaculately-kept, pristine, well-organized desk, kudos. It’s a difficult feat to maintain, but one that makes your life easier in the long run. This post isn’t for you though friend. This is for the other slice of the populace. This is for the messy people, for the disorganized. This is for procrastinators and litterers. This is for the ones who pile receipts and papers into tenuously leaning towers that threaten to bury and smother your work with the slightest tap or vibration. This is for the ones who have half a dozen Red Bull cans laying around. You know, you really should shred those credit card offers…but the shredder is all the way over there. So, you put it off, and the piles grow, and grow, and sub-piles sprout off of those piles. 


You need motivation to help you get that desk clean. 


How’s this: create yourself a custom t-shirt through WhoopTee’s designer tool. It will show up in two weeks shipped for free. That will be just in time for Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 12. That way, you have given yourself a hard deadline to get your desk cleaned off. When the 12th rolls around, if you have not cleaned your desk off (you are a procrastinator, it’s going to happen), you can hold your custom tee over your own head. You can not open it, you can not put it on, until you have cleaned every inch of your workstation. Until you can eat off of it…well, you kind of can do that already, if you don’t mind getting your papers stained with pizza and coffee. 


Our affordable custom t-shirts are available with no minimum order. These economical options are a small price to pay for the motivation to reorganize your desk, and by extension, your life…maybe even your soul. Well…maybe not the last one but you get the idea.

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