It’s almost October, and you known what that means: before you know it Halloween will be here and you’ll be wishing you didn't procrastinate on a costume. Whether you need one for a costume party, your kid needs a trick-or-treat costume, or you just like dressing up for Halloween because it’s so fun, that few days before the 31st can often be an “uh oh” moment. Every year, you come up with an awesome costume in January, forget about it, and by the time Halloween rolls around you have nothing to show. Not this year. Not this time. Get a head start on your Halloween costume, and save a little money along the way with WhoopTee


Isn’t it obscene how much a costume costs? Seriously, go to a costume store and check the price tag for one of those body suits. You’re looking at between $40-$80 bucks easy. Let’s be honest, isn’t that cheating anyway? Where is the sport and the fun in buying a ready-made, factory-produced costume. Where’s your creative spirit? “Wait, WhoopTee, I don’t have time to sit down and make an elaborate costume,” you say. Well friend, with just a little bit of imagination and even less cash, you can make yourself a head-turning costume that is guaranteed to get your kid plenty of candy or you plenty of high-fives. 


All you have to do is use WhoopTee’s designer tool and create a custom t-shirt online. Make sure to pick a costume that’s identifiable so that you don’t have to explain it all night (that gets really old). Think simple, like a catsup bottle. A topical phrase can be funny, but make sure to think long and hard about picking a controversial topic. You want to have fun, not start arguments. With WhoopTee, you have the option of printing a single affordable custom t-shirt for you to use on Halloween. Let’s see you friend who went to the costume store match that value or that creativity.

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