The thing I love about business people is that they are so, like, businessy, you know what I mean?  They’re so official, so serious, so regimented.  Possibly my favorite thing about business people is that they have different uniforms for all their different business activities: meeting with the board=coat and tie; casual Friday=chinos and blue oxford; golf “meeting”=polo shirt and microfiber slacks.  And I think this is a great idea, a helpful way of signaling to all of your businessy co-workers what is on your to do list for the day.  But successful business people know that in order to get ahead, you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd; if people can’t tell you from the next guy, you’ll never get noticed.  WhoopTee wants to see you succeed, and so we offer these custom screen printed polo shirts for your businessy lifestyle.  Seize your success, design yourself a one-of-a-kind polo shirt, and show your coworkers you mean business.

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