It seems like there are two schools of thought on Valentine's Day. (Somewhere out there floats an elite group of self-actualized people who are all, "It's just about love. It's a day to love yourself for the special star you are." But I haven't met anyone who sticks to that in real life.) Fortunately, t shirt design can help both camps express their feelings to passersby.

Our First Character

Backstory: This person is snug as a bug in a rug with a special someone. They're really happy that someone gave them a day to be happy with their romantic skills and corresponding success.
Accessories: color-coordinated clothing (red, pink, white), unrealistic stuffed animals in shapes that would die in the wild

(What breed is this?)

Custom T Shirts:

Get it? Because they're on the same team? Maybe?

Our Second Character

Backstory: This person has turned curmudgeon, through personal experience or the firm conviction that holidays are conspiracies invented by greeting card companies. They're either scowling at some heart puns at Starbucks right now, or if they're celebrating, they're doing it with some serious help from Etsy.
Accessories: greeting card with anatomically correct heart, clothing that passive-aggressively avoids red
Custom T Shirts:

So whatever your thoughts on Valentine's Day, go ahead and design your own t shirt to dress up your plans!

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