Word around the t shirt design watering hole is that something is happening that is important-- the release of the PS4. Personally, I don’t really know what that means. I am about as tech-savvy as a rock-- the last innovation that really made sense to me was actually the stone tablet. Which I’m all for bringing back. Imagine how much more fun grocery lists would be! Seriously, my phone updated itself recently without my permission and I spent a whole day just poking it at random to see what it would do, because I had no idea how to work it anymore. 
(Now I have established the very low bar that is my tech competence, I should mention that I can use our designer tool with no problem, hence the bounty of custom t shirts that I offer you ... it really is that easy to use, friends.) But, I imagine most of you are better at technology and whatnot and are really excited about this PS4 news! Maybe some of you are even planning some quality shut-in time where you test it out. 
If you are, I know you don’t want to have to worry about getting all dressed up-- the best thing for a hardcore videogame session is a trusty rotation of t shirts. So, go ahead and design your own t shirts for the imaginary planet saving you’re about to do!
To help you out, I’ve gotten you started.
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