My custom t shirt friends, we all know the moment of crisis. You are enjoying your last few blissful moments of vacation stupor …

… floating along without a care in the world, when suddenly your brain, which was so happy to just sit in your skull like an overly relaxed hedgehog, startles itself with a realization…

(It was really hard to find a picture of a hedgehog outwardly displaying any emotion, so trust me, this is a hedgehog freaking out)

... there are others, beyond your tiny pool, that have been liking your Facebook photos of said pool and are out there, waiting, expecting presents.

What to do?? Well, if you’re anything like me, at some point you will spend your layover at the airport frantically rushing to the gift shop to buy those “so and so went somewhere and all I got was this t shirt” t shirts for loved ones near and far. But you, my friends, can be better than me and not fall prey to the same boring old souvenir t shirts. Because you can design your own t shirt with just a few clicks poolside, and have it waiting at your doorstep when you return with WhoopTee’s lightning-fast shipping. More happy hedgehog time for you, all while looking like the clever, awesome friend who took time out of their vacation to make a custom t shirt (and our designer tool is so easy to use, you won’t actually have to). Win-win!

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