Deadlines are the worst.  If you’re not ahead of the game, you’re behind.  The age of instant gratification is upon us and isn’t letting up. Our society values up to the minute news - whether it’s accurate or not.  Waiting a whole seven minutes in the drive-thru for your lunch? Well, that just cut into your Facebook scanning time.  Weight loss pills that manage to help you lose 20 pounds in 10 minutes! That’s incredible!  Actually, that’s a lie.  It’s one thing to say that something is authentic, but it’s completely different when that “guarantee” is followed by a series of fine print that only a nearsighted mouse could read.

Whooptee doesn’t work like that.  You design shirts, your pay for shirts, you rush order your shirts and you get your shirts . . .in one week .  . . guaranteed.  In fact, I’ve even heard of orders coming in early, but we don’t let that go to our heads.  

Slow down and open your calendar.  What does it say?  

2/14 - Valentine’s Day this weekend  

2/19 - Your mom’s birthday dinner on Thursday.  

3/6 - Weekend getaway to Florida in a month.

See you are a planner!  And with those deadlines looming, maybe it’s time to start designing your custom shirt now.  After all, moms LOVE homemade gifts from their children -  at any age.  But now that you have a legitimate job, put away the crayons and construction paper and grab your laptop and credit card.

Go to, find Design a custom tee or browse through the large selection of custom apparel we have to offer.  Use our Designer Tool to personalize a fantastic gift for dear ole’ (not old) mom and rush your order!  Go about the rest of your week without stressing over a gift or shopping last minute (like your sister and brother.) And the best part is, she’ll know created something that’s one-of-a-kind!

Deadlines be damned with Whooptee’s rush order service; start designing . . . now!




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