Ever been part of a group t shirt outing, where you all wear the same shirt custom t shirt? We’ve all been there, sometimes more than once. So what do you do with all those t shirts? Well, if you’re like most, you wear them when you clean the bathroom or do laundry. But if you have as many as I do….rotating through that drawer of old t shirt designs can take a long time! Keep a few, but not twenty!

I found this cool DIY craft of making decorative bowls from old custom t shirts. Bowls? You may ask. You know, just cute craft bowls to put extra change in, or your keys.  If you wear a lot of accessories, they’d be a great storage tool for all of those bracelets and rings that are so small. Or the bowls would be great for storing office supplies: paperclips, binder clips, etc.

I haven’t given this tutorial a shot yet, but maybe you can. Take your old t shirt designs and make decorative bowls to help you organize your life!

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