Yes, dieting is very important. Health is important. You only get one body, right? Still, you can only deny yourself the good stuff for so long. Well, unless you really enjoy soy and kale in which case…well, go nuts. For everybody else, for those of us who have to fight our hungry selves every time we past a donut show or a burger joint, denial isn’t that fun. Is it? In order to keep on the straight-and-narrow, we sometimes have to stray from the path and have a cheat day, to cut off the temptation before it has a chance to break a well-constructed diet in a more profound way. 


It’s better to lose the battle and win the war. 


For today, just today, eat whatever you want. Tomorrow you can tighten your belt, do some extra reps in the gym. For today, give yourself a break. Grab a pizza, or an ice cream cone. Enjoy one of the many great junk food establishments in your area and comfort yourself with some good ole fashioned comfort food. While you’re there, buy a t-shirts. 


Wait, they don’t have a t-shirt? That’s a real shame. If they did, you would take it home and wear it around town. It would be a conversation starter between you and your friends and coworkers, or even strangers off the street. Where can they get that great slice or scoop? The t-shirt can point the way. 


You should mention to the restaurant that they really should have branded t-shirts for their loyal customers. When you do, point them towards With our designer tool, they can design a custom t-shirt online from scratch and even upload their own logo! T-shirts are a great promotional item, and it brings patrons and businesses closer together. If you ruin your favorite tee eating your co-to cheat food, no worries: you can replace it with your new favorite with one of our no minimum options, shipped for free in two weeks!

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