Election season is upon us. The primaries are in full swing, and come fall our airwaves will be full of campaign ads. For those of you gunning for public office this November, the time is now to get your campaign shirts from WhoopTee. Nothing says elect me like a custom t-shirt with your logo that says…well…elect me. Here are a couple pointers for your shirt:


Make sure your logo isn’t cluttered. It may seem like adding more graphics to your design will help your shirts get noticed, but that’s not necessarily the case. Often, a simple logo that’s strait to the point gets the job done. Too many bells and whistles can distract from your message. See our guide on logos for some more design pointers.


Make sure your name or your cause is the focus. Remember, getting your name out there or getting exposure for your cause is the purpose for your custom tee. It can be tough to balance the creative needs of your shirt with its purpose as a promotional tool, which is why we have another guide to help you along. Like the logo guide, this one is from a business branding perspective, but the same principals hold true for campaigns.


For those of you who don’t have deep pocketed campaigns, WhoopTee offers plenty of cheap t-shirt options for the sake of your budget. Say you just wanted shirts for those working on your campaign, or for a small group of supporters. WhoopTee has options with no minimum purchase. If you want a bulk order to have plenty of shirts on hand to pass out at campaign events, don’t hesitate to seek a free quote. Design your own shirt online, place the order, and we’ll ship it to you for free. 


Remember, when you select your custom t-shirt provider this election season, vote WhoopTee.

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