The sun is going down, guests gather lawn chairs and say goodbye.  Now what?  Wait, there’s still a decent amount of people milling around the buffet in the kitchen.  Time to break out the “good stuff” and discuss politics? No.  Show baby pictures? No.  Play flippy cup like you’re back in college, crashing at your friend’s clubhouse without a care in the world? Exactly.


Just when you think the party is over, think again.  Or better yet, plan ahead!  Flippy cup tournaments are all the rage these days . . .for those over 21 years old . . .who care drink responsibly . . . in a fast and coordinated fashion.  And speaking of coordination, what better way to show team unity than by designing cheap shirts online?  


The objective:to  look awesome while systematically defeating the opponents one chug + a flip at a time.


Team name: Come up with something clever like Flip the Birds, Chugging Champs, Red Solo Cup Runneth Over.  Add individual names to the back of your group shirts with team numbers that represent the progressive order.  For example, “Phil #1” “May #2” “Stein #3” (last names are also suitable.)


Team shirt: You certainly don’t need any sleeve to slow you down.  Choose a retro lightweight Augusta V-Neck Jersey in red for an  Animal House look.  For ladies who are lushes, take it to the next level in a Next Level Ladies’ Tri-Blend Racerback Tank.       


Team design: Give Google a search for free images of Solo cups; save and upload to using the Designer Tool.  Browse through the College category of design templates on our site to bring back the school spirit. Or search for a race theme or food and beverage clip art from our catalog to customize your creation.

All that’s left is to set up the brackets, strategize and let the boozin’ begin! reminds you to always drink responsbily.

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