For Americans, every year in late November there is a traditional holiday that is held sacred. For many, this holiday is a symbol of what it is to be American. Of course, we’re talking about Black Friday. Oh, you thought we meant Thanksgiving? Well, that’s a topic for another day. No, we’re talking about the holiday that begins one minute after Thanksgiving, or late Thanksgiving night depending on how eager your store of choice is for those sweet, sweet holiday shoppers. 


The term “Black Friday” has been tossed around so much in sale fliers and in the media to the point where it has lost much of its original meaning. Don’t confuse “Black Friday” with “Black Tuesday”. The later refers to the day the stock market crashed in 1928, one of the early harbingers and milestones of the Great Depression. No, Black Friday is the opposite. In business terminology, to put it crudely, to be “in the red” is to lose money, while to be “in the black” is to be ahead. This is why you see profit written in black and loses written in red. Black Friday has always been a huge shopping day, as many people are off work for the Thanksgiving Holiday and are looking to buy presents for Christmas and other holidays. This influx of shoppers would put many retailers in the black, thus “Black Friday” was coined within the retail industry. 


Eventually, the term escaped and become not just a common expression, but a marketing tactic. Retailers have become increasingly dependent on Black Friday, and offer door busters and other great promotions. The web equivalent is Cyber Monday, which starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. 


When you go out to your local retailers and brave the lines for door busters on Black Friday, it can be easy to lose members of your group in a sea of people. That’s why you and your gang should buy matching custom tees from WhoopTee for your Black Friday shopping. It also helps to make what could be stressful shopping into a fun group holiday activity. If you like Black Friday, you have an eye for value. Our cheap custom t-shirts certainly are that. We suggest choosing a bright color like yellow or red that can be easily spotted. You can design your Black Friday tees in our user-friendly designer tool, and they’ll be shipped to you free of charge in two weeks, just in time for Black Friday!

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