Well, we don’t live in a dome city in the sky with flying cars…that we know of. Still, it’s 2017 and we’re living in the future (technically the present, but depending on your perspective, it’s someone’s future). Companies cannot afford to live in the past. With that in mind, productivity in 2017 depends on staying up and running. With malware and ransomware creeping around every back ally of the internet, it’s easy to have your entire system hijacked, and therefore be unable to function. For the litany of tech-related problems, we have the fine people of the IT industry to help us.


IT is in a bit of an open-ended position when it comes to uniform, though. Certainly a suit and tie won’t do for technicians in the field. At the same time, work clothes hardly put off the professional vibe this kind of work necessitates. Here are two solutions for the perfect IT uniform that has practical and branding uses.


Standard T-Shirts


Nothing fancy here, folks. Just good old-fashioned t-shirts. Why is this a good fit? They’re light and functional enough to do work in, but are can be plastered with your logo front and center. The casual flair of this branded tee gives off the right edgy vibe that so many associate with the tech industry. Think suits without ties, or standing desks. These are easily the most cost-effective option as well. 


Collared Tees


If you want to class up your look, the collared tee is a classic example of functional business attire. While not as dressy as, say, a button down shirt, a collared shirt still carries a professional air about it. These shirts are easy to work in, and send the right message to clients. 


Assess Your Needs


To decide which option fits you best, think about your clientele. Will they be more impressed with a standard t-shirt or a collared tee? Which will be the best fit for your team when working? These are questions only you can answer that will help guide your decision.


Once you’ve chosen your t-shirt, you can create your own design with our designer tool and upload your company’s logo. Once you’ve done that, you can place your order and your shirts will arrive, shipped for free, in two weeks. Enjoy the future in the present with free shipping and custom business wear from Whooptee.com. 

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