The old fashion rule of thumb dictates that it is unacceptable to wear white after Labor Day. While this may have been a way for turn of the century fashionistas to arbitrarily set marks of acceptable fashion, the old saying is still around, though mostly in a tung-in-cheek sense. Since the rest of society is having fun with the old expression, why not get in on the act and have a little fun at the expense of your snootier friends. To really drive the point home, use the people’s fashion choice as your canvas. 


Create a custom t-shirt using our designer tool and load it to the brim with white for your post-Labor Day shenanigans. If you think we went a little crazy in the design above, you’d be absolutely correct. If you’d like to experiment and find a most tasteful, less in-your-face way to embrace white after Labor Day, you can play around with plenty of design options with our user-friendly designer tool. You can choose your shirt style, choose what colors would compliment your plain white tee, choose your graphics and even upload your own image as long as it is in the proper format and you own the copyright.


Once you’ve finished your shirt, you can get a free quote that will show you exactly how much your order will be and how much it will cost per shirt. If you want only one shirt, you’re in luck, because we do have no minimum options available. After you place your order, your shirts will arrive in two weeks shipped free of charge. To know when they’ll arrive, check the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 


The next time your choice of fashion elicits a snarky eye roll, don’t take it too hard. You can create a shirt of retaliation that will have monocles falling into champaign glasses.

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