Home of the free, land of the brave, and country of origin to several specialty brewed American beers. Today is National American beer day. We may even argue this may be up there in men’s favorite holidays above national boyfriend day. You can drink an American beer with your girl any day but it is more satisfying when you can drink a beer for the nation. Before you go out tonight and take your friend who doesn’t drink often, you need to encourage them to drink for America. You also have those friends who drink foreign beers. 


Tonight is the night to slap that bottle, can, or cup out of their hands and hand them a cold one made in our beautiful breweries and ditch the Guinness for a Budweiser. Tonight is the night to purchase that beer bucket special you have been talking yourself out of all year and raise those beers for a social. 


Plus, it’s Friday night gentlemen and ladies, so take that pay check to the bank and enjoy tonight. Don’t limit yourself to just Budweiser, try a variety of American beer. Ask your bartenders which beer is American and try the whole list. That’s where bartenders show off their vast knowledge of beer and earn big tips. If you have a new guy, there’s always the internet on our phones. You might find that new usual for next National American Beer Day. You have the whole night and we can pretend the whole weekend if you can’t squeeze on in on Friday. 


Now before you think we are turning the whole nation into alcoholics, we want to remind you to drink responsibly. Also, call a taxi, friend, or uber for a ride home. You can use our designer tool to customize a designated driver tee with the date on it, or a WhoopTee you can pass around to your friends for when you go out. Many bars give free soda or cover charges to DD’s, so make sure and label your driver. 


You may not want to limit it just to National American beer day. Also, you can have a ton of fun collecting signatures on your shirts of all your friends and see who has the most at the end of the night. Winner gets a six-pack to take home. Don't forget to have custom tees for your beer pong team. 

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