WhoopTee.com is a quick, affordable, and cost-effective place to order custom t-shirts. A big reason for that is our user-friendly designer tool, which allows anyone to create a stunning t-shirt design with no effort at all and no design knowledge required. Now to the point: you should give your scouts the opportunity to use this technology to create their own custom t-shirts for your troupe this year and have a little fun along the way. 


Step One: Have your troupe each design a custom t-shirt online with our designer tool. You can have a group exercise where your scouts can gather around and create their own t-shirt designs. You can tell them the product you want to use and let them use their creativity to make fantastic t-shirt designs. 


Step Two: Print out the designs and pass them around anonymously. Have the scouts vote on the best design, and order the winner for your troupe. 


Once you order your shirts, they will be delivered free of charge in two weeks. You can create t-shirts that represent your troupe or a specific event you’re doing like a pinewood derby, bake sale, or campout. You can also create t-shirts with the idea of selling them as a fundraiser. T-shirts make a great service project


Allowing your scouts to design their own t-shirts is a fun activity. It’s also a moment of independence that will build their confidence, especially for the winner who will have a keepsake of the time their friends recognized their good work. Being self-sufficient is a big component to scouting. Building for yourself, like a boat, or a pinewood derby car, or a t-shirt, is something nobody can take away. Give that to your scouts today.

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