In a world full of negativity, we can’t afford to lose the positive moments in life. If you added up the positive moments of your day and the negative moments of your day, chances are the positive moments outweigh the negative ones by a wide margin. Those aren't the moments we dwell on, though, and that is a shame. We all need to work twice as hard to create positive moments. 


Today is National Lets Laugh Day, and it’s a perfect moment to reflect on the best part of most days… a good laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine. and that’s true. Unless you have something physically wrong in which case medicine is the best medicine…but emotionally, yes laughter can be wonderful. 


There’s a definite physiological connection between smiling and mood. Smile and it will help you feel better. Does that mean that smiling and laughter is a catch all bandaid to solve any problem? No; if you have something serious going on, seek help. If you accept help, there’s plenty out there from friends, family, neighbors, and professionals. 


On very general, everyday level, adding laughter to your life and the lives of others is nothing but good. A great way to do that is to make a t-shirt online with WhoopTee. How many times have you come up with a pun, or a funny juxtaposition, and thought “wouldn’t that make a funny shirt?” How many times have you seen a funny t-shirt online or in a store and thought “hey, I could do that?” 


Here’s your chance – design a custom tee online today with our designer tool. You can let your creativity run wild with endless options for customization from the fonts to the graphics, from colors to apparel styles. 


Before you start making custom t-shirts to make people laugh, you may want to, you know, see if they work. The last thing on Earth you want to do is create a shirt that misses the mark. At best, nobody laughs but you. At worst, it could be taken as mean spirited or offensive. It’s probably best to test your jokes out. You can email your designs or share them on social media through our design tool, focus group your jokes, and come back and have your saved design printed. If you need help, check out our guides.

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