Did you know March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day? Here’s a better question: do more people know today is middle name pride day than who know your middle name? It’s high time you let the world know your middle name, and it’s past time for you take pride in the name sandwiched between your given name and your surname. 


Try saying the following famous names without the middle: Paul Thomas Anderson, Laura Flynn Boyle, Anthony Michael Hall, Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Frank Lloyd Wright, Haley Joel Osment, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. They don’t sound right, do they. What about middle initials? George A. Romero? Samuel J. Jackson? What about people who go by their middle names. Without middle names, we may have James McCartney instead of Paul, William Pitt instead of Brad, Christopher Kutcher instead of Ashton, and Jose Pujols instead of Albert. 


It feels like such a waste to let the middle of your have name lower billing than the first and last names. Many people have multiple middle names, which makes it a double shame. Let today be the push you need to let your middle name step out of the shadows and into the spotlight with a custom t-shirt from WhoopTee


Hop on our designer tool and create a custom t-shirt online to bring out the name within your name. Choose what kind of shirt you want, pick a color, and tinker with the design until you find something you’re happy with. If you don't like your middle name, here’s your chance to claim a new one without the hassle of a trip to the courthouse. If “danger” is your middle name, put your money where your mouth is and make a custom tee telling the world as much. 

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