How did your luck hold up this Friday the 13th? The infamous universal day of bad luck managed to fall in spooky old October this year, adding another layer creepiness to a day synonymous with a machete wielding undead monster from a summer camp lake. Did you miss your train today? Trip over something? Run away from a black cat under a ladder and crash into a mirror? Did you get hit by a flying shark?


Ok, the final one probably isn't that likely…or is it? Anyway, if you’re fed up with bad luck, we have a way you can turn your fortunes around without rabbit feet or wishing on stars. The best luck is the luck you create with things you can control. To that end, we suggest you take advantage of our affordable custom t-shirts to change the complexion of your weekend. You can create a custom t-shirt quickly and easily with our user-friendly designer tool. You have the freedom to create a shirt that matches your vision with WhoopTee. You get to choose your shirt, choose your colors, choose your type, choose your graphics, and even upload your own image.


Once you have your shirt designed, you can either save it and finish your order later or place your order right then and their. Once you do, you’ll have your custom tee in two weeks shipped for free. If you would like to know the exact day you get your t-shirt, check the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


As for the content of your shirt, well, that’s entirely up to you. You could create a t-shirt specifically for the purpose of being your good luck shirt. You could alternatively create a shirt blaming your misfortune on bad luck. You can even create a t-shirt specifically for wearing on Friday the 13th. Whatever the case, you can create a single custom t-shirt for your self with one of our no minimum options. 

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