Is it National Cheeseburger Day already?  I know, September 18th snuck up this year, leaving you, once again, out in the cold.  Proper cheeseburger celebrations have begun all around the city . . . and on the day you brought a healthy lunch because you decided to go back on that diet.

Let’s be honest.  “That diet” hasn’t lead to more than 3 pounds of fluctuating water weight lost and gained for the last two months. National Cheeseburger Day only comes once a year, so jump on the bandwagon!  Abandon all hope of fitting into your old jeans.  Enlist the help of to assist your battle against the muffin top.  Or maybe just your reconciliation of your muffin top.

It’s no coincidence that our Founding Fathers (or Fast Food owners) strategically placed this day to honor the combination of ground beef, cheese and bun during a season when most people are trading in their custom t-shirts for fluffy hoodies.  Additionally, it’s no coincidence that is fully equipped with an array of food and beverage related clip art to get online to create your very own National Cheeseburger Day sweatshirt!  I’m not sure if it’s a conspiracy or cosmic concurrence, but I’m choosing to go with it.

So let’s start over - the day is here, celebrations have begun  .. . .blah, blah, blah.  What now?  It’s too late to create a custom sweatshirt from today and receive it TODAY!  Even their rush order option isn’t that good.  

Instead let’s choose to focus on all the other upcoming food and beverage related days in which to wear a custom sweatshirt or hoodie.  For example, October commemorates Cookie Month, Eat Country Ham Month, National Pizza Month and Diabetes month all within days of each other.  Get online now to browse the array of custom apparel that optimizes full range of eating motion.  Choose a full-zip hoodie so you have the option of zipping down for a cool breeze as you unconsciously shove cookies in your mouth.  Or add Gildan Heavy Bottom Open Bottom Sweatpants for the extra room only afforded by an elastic waist for your newly blossoming ham gut.  


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