Spring is just around the corner, and summer is right around the block. Vacation season is just about here. If you’re lucky, you’re planning a dream trip for the warm months. You and your family have some wonderful memories to make, and naturally you’ll want a great souvenir to commemorate those memories. There’s just one problem…souvenirs are expensive. Beyond expensive, many souvenir stands are downright exploitative. 


The t-shirt is a staple of the souvenir scene, and those can have the most inflated prices of all. A friendly suggestion; consider making your own souvenir custom tee. Instead of dropping money into an overpriced souvenir tee, create your own custom shirt online. WhoopTee has options with no minimum, so you can order the exact number of t-shirts you need to cover your family, no waste. You can get the exact sizes you need from the wide array of options we have, so you don’t have to dig through piles and piles of shirts to find the sizes you need. You won’t have the disappointment of finding the design you want without the size you need. Finding an ill-fitting shirt after a long search is a lot like see a mirage…it looks good from a distance, but is disappointing up close. 


With a souvenir custom tee from WhoopTee, you are also free to pick your own slogan, make your own design. You can also personalize the back of your tee with the names of your family members. Want to have a shirt with a picture from the trip? Sure thing, you can upload the photos and add them to your design. So, not only can you save some cash and get the right fit,  you can get an even more personalized souvenir. That sounds like an all around win, does it not?

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