Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It’s what drives us to take an idea farther, to change direction or adapt to something new and different.  Whether it’s in our careers, education, love lives or even artistically, drawing inspiration is what unites us, yet keeps us unique.  Got it?  Well, let’s take a turn towards the great, wide world of sports.


What’s the best way to say “We’re the best bowlers around!” Or “What you seen The Incredibles?  What a movie!” Or even “Where can I get a great looking performance shirt, customized to my specific needs and designs?”  All answers lead to  Okay, so they are not the best bowlers, but they know them when they seen them.  And they have all see the Disney classic movie The Incredibles; but mostly they know custom shirts.


This month the Oregon State Bowling team will participate in the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Championships.  In order to intimidate the competition and unite the team effort, they turned to Whooptee.  Team leader, Richard Wright says of working with our customer service representative “Jennifer took our idea and created what we think are fantastic team shirts.”    


Jennifer recommended the FeatherLite Colorblocked Moisture Free Mesh Sport Shirt from our athletic line of products.  The color blocked design mimics a retro bowling look, with a modern twist.  The double-needle stitching and moisture management makes this shirt perfect for allowing full range of motion for athletes of all types.  


But the design is what really made this shirt strike a chord with the team.  By using the Designer tool, you can try any logo, graphic or text without commitment.  Choose your product, add or edit phrases and pictures, to see how the shirt will come to life.  As you can see from the picture, this team chose to go as the Incredibowls with a simple insignia to highlight the back; on the front members had the option of adding their names or team numbers.


Remember for all your custom shirt needs.  Whooptee . . . Where Our Shirts Meet Your Designs!

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