“A lot of people don't know this, but for every 30 minutes of legitimate work, all employees must be allowed one full hour of Internet cat videos. That's the law,” says Jarrett Bellini of CNN. We fully agree, Jarrett. Aside from cat videos, there are a variety of other factors during the workday with the capability to derail your productivity. The most cunning of all? 2:55 pm during the workday, as exemplified by the custom t shirt below.  
According to a trending study by London Offices, 2:55 pm during the workday is oftentime when employees are considered their most useless. Think about it: the afternoon slump kicks in, you’re a dangerous combination of both tired and bored, coffee just isn’t working, and the internet has conveniently connected you to an unfathomably large abyss of animals dressed up in adorable, ridiculous outfits and Halloween costumes. Disaster strikes. 
SO … here’s our advice, aside from mass amounts of caffeine and bumpin’ beats from Lady Gaga (heard the new song Do What U Want? Love! SO good … I’m a fangirl, not afraid to show it). Drink a bunch more coffee, run around and do some jumping jacks while listening to some Gaga wearing your favorite GAGA t shirt design (like the one below), and try to dispel any rumors amidst your coworkers that you might be a lunatic. You’re welcome! 
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