One of the many amazing perks you get when you order from WhoopTee is free two-week shipping to any location in the forty-eight contiguous states. This comes in handy financially, obviously, but it’s also nice from a planning standpoint. You don’t have to worry about accounting for extra charges and you know when your package is going to arrive. If you’re in need of a last minute Christmas present and can do simple math, you’ve likely come to the realization that having your custom t-shirt Christmas present in fourteen days would mean your package will arrive on December 29 (side note, if you’re curious about when a standard order will be done you can always check the upper right-hand corner of our site). 

There’s no need to freak out, though. Your loved ones won’t have to wait until after the holiday to get their presents. You can choose rush delivery and have your order in one week. All you have to do is pay an extra fee. So don’t waste another second, start designing your custom tee and you can have it just in time to slip under the tree. 

You have plenty of options to create the perfect gift when you use WhoopTee. We have many templates to get you started and guides to help you along. We also have a wide selection of clipart and fonts available for you to create the perfect t-shirt to give to your friends and/or family. If you are someone who is good at, or just enjoys, graphic design, you can use your favorite app to create custom graphics for yourself and upload them. Just make sure you own the copyright or have permission to use the graphics, and that you are using the right file formats. 

Don’t waste another moment. If you are in need of a Christmas present still, create a one-of-a-kind gift with WhoopTee while you still can. 

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