February 20th is also Love Your Pet Day!  Think back to the day you got your beloved animal.  Some of you may have been so young, that you can’t remember. Others may have gotten their pets for Christmas, a birthday or Easter. While the rest may have just nagged their parents until they finally gave in!  No matter how your pet came into your life, take this day to do a little extra pampering.


Try a new castle for the aquarium, extra bugs for your lizard, a new ball of yarn for your cat or an extra meaty bone for your dog; all great options - as though everyday wasn’t already a day to love on your pet!


According to Livescience.com, the most popular pet is a fish, followed by a cat and ranking 3rd is a dog.  Fish are beautiful, quiet but not necessarily maintenance free.  Cats are aloof and friendly, lazy and energetic, low-maintenance and attention hogs; owning a cat is like hanging out with your bipolar aunt who, may or may not, be on her meds.


So that leaves us to dogs.  If you choose the right breed of dog for your lifestyle and personality, you’ll have a friend forever! Dogs make excellent companions for children, teens, adults and the elderly.  They offer security, make us exercise more and keep our minds focused on loving someone besides ourselves.  Many even have service dogs that are highly trained to aid the blind guide the world, comfort those that suffer from PTSD and pull wheelchairs for children who are unable.  It’s hard to find another pet who does everything your mom would do for you.


So turn to Whooptee.com to make sure your dog feels appreciated on Love Your Pet Day.  We’re not your average website, so don’t expect average gifts; but you’ve never been known for being average, right?  Check out our line of custom pet apparel from Doggie Skins.  Options range from custom t-shirts to sleeveless hoodies for large (86 pounds) or small dogs (4 pounds) and some in an array of colors.  We even have an option to rush order!  Now, you won’t get your order today, but don’t worry, your dog can’t read a calendar.              

So logon and start designing! You may even find a matching shirt for yourself . . .


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