So if you’re anything like us, you love a good prank…our favorites? This one from Google is pretty awesome. We have to admit, even while clad in custom t-shirt awesomeness, we totally fell for it. According to the technology gurus over at Google, who are currently responsible for a smattering of gullible goons smelling their screens all over the world, there is a technology that enables users to select an item to smell, and the desired scent will emanate right out of the user’s screen.

Have a look here:

Really? Really. Users can select from a variety of pre-determined scents, including diaper, freshly mowed grass, lemon, spring morning, car exhaust, wet, dog, locker room, car exhaust, and more. The truth? The program is entirely FAKE…and everyone at Google is surely having a great laugh. So be warned, from your friends at WhoopTee. This is TOTALLY fake. You’re welcome!

Our second favorite today that we determined as slightly more plausible, is from Scope, who claimed to have created bacon-flavored mouthwash…disgusting? Yes. But fake? Also yes! So, be forewarned…if your friends try to pull one over on you with any of these, you know it’s a classic case of crappy April Fool’s pranks.

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