The new year is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. That’s why for generations, people have made new year’s resolutions. I’ll quit smoking. I’ll start going to the gym. I’ll swear less. You get the idea. What may surprise you is that new year’s resolutions are not a modern  invention. The ancient Babylonians and Romans partook in the tradition. Humans are hard-wired to see the new year as a new beginning, and new year’s resolutions allow us to shed the past and work towards a better future. 


New year’s resolutions are much more than a motivation to go to the gym for a couple weeks and pay the same lip service next year. Take this opportunity to make meaningful change in your life. Become a better person. Become a healthier person. 


If you need a little extra push to loose those pounds you’re looking to shed, why not create a single custom t-shirt from our no minimum options and make it a size too small for you now. That way when you loose weight, you can slip into the t-shirt and visualize just how far you’ve come. 



Check out the design above: Target Body Phase I. New and Improved. On days when you’ve had a hard day at the office and you just want to crash on the couch, let this shirt be your inspiration to hit the gym and keep the momentum rolling. 


Improving your body isn’t the only way you can improve this year. If you’re looking to improve your soul, put your favorite verse of scripture from your religion  of choice on your shirt. This will give you a reminder of the person you want to be and how you want to live your life and treat others. 


If you want to take a secular approach, the same applies. We can all stand to treat those around us with a little more kindness. Put a saying that inspires you to be a better person on your shirt and use that inspiration to improve how you interact with your fellow man. 


Whatever gains you made in 2018, keep that momentum and don’t take your foot off of the gas in 2019. Whatever haunted you in 2018, leave in the past and start fresh with a new year. The power is in your hands now. Make the most of it!

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