We are now six days into 2017. Wow, where has the time gone. It seems like we just got used to writing 2016 on document, now we’ll have to force ourselves to write ’17. With a new year comes a push for new everything. New workouts, new diets, new resolve to fix the things you haven’t been paying attention to as much as you should be. In that spirit, we think it’s time you did something about your wardrobe. Now, we’re not saying your wardrobe isn’t great. For all we know you have an impressive collection of clothes. All we’re saying is you should take this opportunity to mix it up.


What better way is there to mix it up than to create your own wardrobe with WhoopTee. You already know we’re the best place to get your custom t-shirts. You can use our designer tool to create a masterpiece straight out of your imagination. We have a plethora of customization options including many fonts, clip art, and even the ability to upload your own graphics. Hey, why stop with just a t-shirt? We also have custom pants. You could create a custom t-shirt online and create a matching pair of pants. 


That means you can create custom outfits. So why not start the new year off with not just new cloths, not just new outfits, but a new custom wardrobe that nobody else will have. These clothes will be the product of ideas spring from your imagination straight onto t-shirts and pants via our user-friendly designer tool. The result is 100% original clothing. Now, who in your inner circle can make that claim? So go ahead; pick a t-shirt, hoodie, or pants and start designing. When you’re done and place your order, you’ll have yourself new custom outfits in two weeks.

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