Look, we can give you a long, dry dissertation on how much damage unhealthy food does to your body. We could tell you about obesity, heart disease, and all the depressing stuff. Or, we could just give you a cheese burger and something fried? Do you want kale and a lecture, or do you want something ridiculous made of bacon, or donuts on top of a pizza? Sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and say “I don’t care, today is for me.” Tomorrow you may step on the scale and curse past you, but for today, live a little. 


In 14 days, it will be National Junk Food Day. This is a day to toss a tossed salad out the window and put ranch dressing on your ranch dressing. This is a day to lament the loss of Doritos 3D. Bring back Jolt! Sorry, we got off task…anyway, the point is, it’s a day to celebrate food that is bad…but so good. 


Why are we talking about Junk Food Day two weeks early? When you order from WhoopTee.com, your order ships for free in two weeks. You can get it in one week, if you choose our rush option for an additional fee. However, for those in the 48 contiguous states, you get to take advantage of free shipping. We don’t offer bacon-wrapped free shipping…yet. 


You can create your own t-shirt to celebrate your junk food of choice quickly, easily, and affordably with our designer tool. You can choose your t-shirt, choose your colors, choose your fonts, and choose your graphics. You can even upload your own image! Just make sure you own the copyright. Make a healthy choice for your wallet while celebrating unhealthy choices for your, well, health.

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