Today is Internet Day. Believe it or not, friends, but we are very, very grateful for the internet. After all, thanks to the internet we can provide custom t-shirts to people all around the country from our base of operations in St. Louis, Missouri. Without the internet, that wouldn’t be possible. That connectivity, the ability for anyone in the world to instantly communicate with each other, has completely changed the human experience. The world has never been smaller at any point in history than at this moment. 


This affects commerce, art, politics, even the very way we interact with people in the real world. Things are chaining at a rapid pace globally, and it is in no small way due to instantaneous communication and societies around the world being continuously connected to one another. 


Our friend the internet also brings us a different shopping experience than at any other point. You can find just about anything on the internet, the world’s largest market. This gives companies and customers a chance to find each other. 


Thanks to the internet, we can offer our customers the ability to design a shirt form the comfort of their own home, or wherever they feel the need to create and have an internet connection. It allows us to offer our customers the ability to make a shirt the way they picture it, with the colors, style, type, and graphics of their choosing. They even have the freedom to upload their own image. 


There was a point in time where the only way to get a custom t-shirt was to walk into a brick and mortar screen printer and have one designed. Getting a single t-shirt? Forget about it. If you could find someone willing to do it, the shirt would cost so much it wouldn’t be worthwhile. 


That’s not the case at You can order a single t-shirt from us with no outrageous prices and no strings attached. We don’t even charge for shipping to the 48 contiguous states! This is all thanks to our friend the internet, that wonderful land of sharing and opportunity that brought us together!

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