We’re just under two weeks away from Independence Day. This is your last chance to prep for your beloved BBQ. It’s time to start making preparations, and we have a few tips to increase your BBQ IQ. 


1. Stock up on buns. Not too early, not too late. 


Stocking up on buns is a no-brainer. It is illegal [citation needed] to have a 4th of July BBQ in the United States without burgers and/or hotdogs. If you attempt to have a hotdog and/or burger free BBQ, George Washington will rise from the grave and personally punch you in the face and throw whatever filth you’re serving to the ground. He will then crack open a beer and watch the Twilight Zone marathon, as is tradition. 


Point is, you need burgers and hotdogs, and therefore need buns. The real trick is when to buy your buns. Buy them too early, and they’ll go stale. Buy them too late, and you won’t buy them at all…because all of the stores will be picked over like Y2K Bug rode a super volcano to town. We suggest buying your buns over the weekend before the 4th. Since the 4th is a Tuesday, that will give you enough time to get your buns but not enough time for them to stale. 


2. Ice, Ice, Ice


Hard liquor, soft drinks, from Manhattans to Shirley Temples, drinks need ice. Our time is don’t skimp. Buy enough ice to keep your cans cold in the cooler, but make sure you have a cooler free of anything but ice. Have a clean scooping pale in the cooler so guests can add ice to their drinks easily. It will get hot. 


3. Hydrate! 


It’s going to be hot, it’s probably going to be sunny, and if you’re outside for long periods of time, it’s important to keep dehydration at bay. This goes double if you’re drinking adult beverages. Drink plenty of water! 


4. Order Your Custom t-Shirts


You can design a patriotic-themed t-shirt for your 4th of July BBQ right here on WhoopTee.com with our user friendly designer tool. You can choose your product, colors, fonts, and graphics. If you need any help with your design, check our guides.

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