I’m writing this as I watch the 2012 presidential election results coming in; but you are likely reading this someday after the election has been decided.  It kind of makes me feel like you are watching a dvr’d version of a live broadcast of me, you know, doing something cool.  It reminds of the first time I saw a movie about time travel (pick one: Back to the Future, Primer, the whole Terminator franchise), my mind was blown: what if that person from the future who came back to the past inadvertently killed their own dad (or maybe they did something less violent, like opting to stop at a yellow light, blocking his future-mom who is in the car behind him, who then misses her chance meeting with his future-dad, and then they never get together, get married, and produce their son who is the guy who came back to the past...what?)?  And the craziest thing about it is that I haven’t heard a single word out of the two presidential candidates about these time travel issues.  The conundrums of time travel could very likely be the most important issue...ever.  I mean, what happens when someone goes back in time and, like, prevents the Constitution.  What then?  That undoes the whole Democratic Republic we’ve got going on here, so if that goes, you can pretty much kiss everything else you love about America goodbye.  So I was going to suggest that you design a post-election America t-shirt, but I think, after this watertight argument, you are going to want something like this custom designed screen printed shirt from WhoopTee:

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